Volunteer Sign-Up

Mole Day Celebration - October 23, 2023 - an unofficial holiday celebrated by chemistry enthusiasts. Volunteers are needed between 11:00-1:15. 


Pi (3.14159) Day is celebrated at MSA (and around the world) on March 14.  Students and staff alike enjoy this MSA tradition!

We need many volunteers to bring pies to school on the morning as well as volunteers in each building to help serve the pies during the lunch hours. If you volunteer to serve pie, please bring your own knife and serving utensil labeled with your name.

Thank you for helping us provide this special day for our students and staff!


Pizza Day

Parent and Guardian Volunteers Needed For Pizza Day! We NEED you!  

Pizza Day Volunteer Sign Up

Students are able to purchase pizza at $2/slice. Proceeds from pizza day fund future MSA events, teacher & staff appreciation efforts and everything we do at MSA. Thank you for your help! Our students love having a hot lunch option on pizza days and its a great way to meet other MSA families.


Thank you SO much for investing your time in MSA!